Boeing Expert Reveals Opinion On Fate Of Missing Flight MH370

Ten years after the enigmatic disappearance of MH370, a British Boeing 777 pilot has stirred controversy by suggesting that the flight’s take-off documents might hold clues indicating premeditated intentions for a mass murder-suicide.

Simon Hardy, a seasoned aviation expert who collaborated with the Australian Transport Safety Bureau during the 2015 search efforts, has scrutinized the Malaysian Airlines flight plan and technical log. His analysis suggests last-minute alterations, including the addition of 3,000kg of fuel and extra oxygen, hinting at a deliberate course set by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah towards a catastrophic end.

“It’s a strange coincidence that the last engineering task that was done before it headed off to oblivion was topping up crew oxygen which is only for the cockpit, not for the cabin crew.”

Describing the changes as “bizarre” and failing to meet official requisites, Hardy underscores the suspicious nature of these adjustments. He contends that the presence of a flaperon discovered on Reunion Island indicates active piloting until the flight’s culmination.

“If the flaps were down, there is a liquid fuel, then someone is moving a lever and it’s someone who knows what they are doing. It all points to the same scenario.”

According to Hardy’s deductions, meticulous planning was imperative for timing the crash to avoid leaving discernible traces of fuel residue on the ocean’s surface, thereby concealing the aircraft’s final whereabouts. He, like many other theorists, hypothesizes that the pilot initiated a cabin depressurization to incapacitate the 239 passengers before executing a U-turn to plunge the aircraft into the ocean.

Drawing from a sequence of “satellite clues,” Hardy claims to have pinpointed the missing aircraft’s location just beyond the official 7th arc search zone, within the Geelvinck Fracture Zone of the Southern Indian Ocean—an extensive trench spanning hundreds of miles.

In light of renewed interest in resolving the mystery, the Malaysian Government announced on March 3rd its intention to resume the search for the vanished aircraft. Partnering with Texan company Ocean Infinity on a “no find, no fee” basis, hopes are reignited for uncovering the truth behind the fateful events of March 8th, 2014.

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