Chris Hemsworth Makes An Obscene Amount Of Money For Instagram Posts

Chris Hemsworth, the globally acclaimed movie star, has further solidified his financial dominance by emerging as the highest-earning Australian celebrity influencer.

With an astonishing follower count surpassing 58.5 million on Instagram, the 40-year-old renowned for his portrayal of Thor commands an impressive $1,041,208 for a single sponsored post.

Recent statistics from Melbourne-based marketing agency Impressive have unveiled the top-earning Australian celebrities excelling in influencer marketing. Among them, Nicole Kidman, the Oscar-winning Hollywood icon, claimed the eighth spot on the list. With a substantial Instagram following of 9.9 million, Kidman stands to earn an impressive $177,900.72 for each sponsored post, as per Marca.

At 40, Hemsworth finds himself in a fulfilling phase of his life, both professionally and personally, with a plethora of job offers and a family of three children alongside Elsa Pataky, whom he married in 2010.

Hemsworth isn’t just sought after for his acting chops but also for his celebrity status. Advertising on his social media platforms comes at a significant price, given his over 58 million followers on Instagram.

As his popularity continues to soar, Hemsworth has become a prized asset for brands, showcasing prowess not only as a model but also as an influencer. According to a study by the Australian advertising and marketing agency Impressive, Hemsworth tops the charts as the highest-earning Australian celebrity on social media platforms, as reported by the Daily Mail portal.

As per the agency’s disclosed data, Hemsworth could potentially earn over one million dollars for a single post on his Instagram profile, estimating his earnings at around $1.04 million per publication. While Hemsworth comfortably leads the pack, two other actors complete the podium.

Hugh Jackman secures third place with an estimated earning of approximately $554,989 per post, while Katherine Langford holds the second spot as the second highest-paid, with an estimated earning of $737,205 per post.

With an impressive Instagram following of 31.6 million, the Wolverine star boasts an earning potential of around $554,989 per sponsored post. Another notable addition to the list of top celebrity influencers is the beloved comedian Rebel Wilson, who holds the seventh position. With 11.1 million followers, Wilson stands to earn up to $196,146.95 for a single paid post.

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